goat's Game Arrangements

Track Game Genre Date Description
Collaboration with Stemage and Chunkstyle for metroid metal, The Tunnel Metroid 2 Sept 2007 I played some guitar including long goaty solo
Feeding Frenzy Contra Rock May 2007 Energy Zone and Boss

Unchosen Paths (Tribute Album)

Castlevania 1, Castlevania 2, Castlevania 3

Rock May 2007

It's Finally Done

You know you want it!!!!!!!!!!

The Ice Beam Cometh Remastered

The Ice Beam Cometh

Metroid / Super Metroid Take a guess? ahahaha

Feb 2005

Remastered Nov 2005

A dirty medley of some of my favorite songs from the games. Remastered version is warmer.

The Sky Was Never A Limit

Final Fantasy 4 mush Feb 2005 Prelude
Crossfire                                   Contra               Rock Apr 2004 Level 1 Contra, attack style
Slice of Heaven Kid Icarus Orchestral Apr 2004 Kid Icarus Intro, using Edirol Orchestral
Last Man Standing Final Fantasy 4j Rock Angry Mar 2004 Dreadful fight, with angry compression
Purple Heart Rush 'n Attack Rock Feb 2004 Medley of songs from the Konami classic.
The Raven Castlevania Rock Nov 2003 Wicked child with angry bird guitars. If the ravens don't kill you, the massive midrange frequencies will ;).
Dark Madness Resurrection Castlevania 2 Rock Nov 2002 Dracula's Resurrection...kill him!!!
No Flesh Allowed Castlevania 2 Rock Nov 2002 CV2 Dungeon music...angry skeletons.
Carrying a Blue Crystal Castlevania 2 Synth-based rock Aug 2002 Something funky about Castlevania 2: tried to capture that. My first non-general midi game re-arrangement!


Originals -  These are some older songs I did when starting out. I hope to make more originals (with guitar) now that Unchosen Paths is done.

Track Genre Date Description
Next Stop Hungary Synth-based July 2001 I like this composition...sort of weird and fun, and someday I might re-record it with real guitar and better production.
Main Street Electrocution Parade Synth-based dark buy jolly  2001 What if the disney parade turned a little angry, attacking the parade-goers? Attacking in a friendly, light-filled way.
Ilona's Theme Synth-based 2001 Yeah, my then-friend (now better half) really liked this one. she's born and raised in USA but her "roots" are half Transylvanian vampire. I love Castlevania so of course the whole vampire angle is awesome. The song is based around a 4 note pattern (16th notes) that repeats, nonstop, through the whole song.
The Waterfall Slow ambience 2001
Floating                             Synth-based 2001 Clouds and floating
Happiness Synth-based 2001 Shows an extreme disregard of "velocities" for the piano, but I still like this one.
End of Time Synth-based 2001 I like the composition here, and might revisit it and up the production quality.
Escape From San Francisco Synth-based inspirational 2001 The first non general midi song I ever recorded. I was thinking about fleeing san francisco at the time. Made me want to make more music (fun)